Best Online Earning Websites In Pakistan & India For Free In 2022

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best earn websites in pakistan and india

There are a lot of ways and methods people are using to earn money online these days. Many of them need paid subscriptions investments & enrollments, but I am going to suggest here the free methods to earn money online for Pakistan India USA, or anywhere else in the world. Whether you are a mature person and want to earn some extra money other than your routine job or you are a student and want to earn money for a little financial freedom, you can use the following methods and platforms to make money online for free without any investment.

Free Online Earning Websites In Pakistan & India

Here I am going to tell you different free online earning websites for Pakistan & India by working method whether you are a student or not you can make money from these sites, you can earn money from them for free.

Below are the methods I am going to discuss with you, and un=derneath them, I will explain them a little and also tell you some of the best websites for each of these methods.

Free Online Earning Methods For Pakistan & India

Here are the methods and ways you can use to earn money in Pakistan and India.

  1. Blogging (For Text-Based Content)
  2. Vlogs / Video Blogging (For Video-Based Content)
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Freelancing
  5. Other Websites For Non-Skilled Persons

Best Free Websites For Online Earning Each Method

Here is a little explanation and a list of websites for each method.


Blogging is an art & skill, using it you can share your experience & skills about different topics to the people who want to know about them or searching for some help on these topics.

Blogging needs your writing skill that how beautifully you make an article and blog post on a certain topic with titles headings and body, your typing skill, and some knowledge of image editing skill because you will need to create images to make your blog post beautiful and more appealing for your readers.

How You Can Make Money With Blogging?

You can showcase image-based & text ads on your blogs, and with each click from your blog reader on ads or with views of these ads you can earn money for your hard work.

You can also sell other people’s products and services, and by doing this you can earn commission on your sales.

Free Websites For Blogging

Below is the best free platform for blogging. is a product of Google, it is free and has almost everything one can accept from a free service, it is easy to use and easy to submit into Google analytics and Google search console.

Vlogging Or Video Blogging

This is similar to blogging or it is blogging in the form of a video. If you know how to make videos just pick up your camera and make your video and speak your whole blog post on camera and recorded it, you can also make an animated video of your blog post, and share it with people who want to know about that topic.

How To Earn Money With Blogging Or Video-blogging?

You can earn money by activating ads on your videos, and earn money in the form of a share in ad revenue.

As well as you can also sell other’s products and services similarly I have told you in the method of blogging or content-based marketing.

Free Platforms & Websites For Blogging

Below are the two best websites and platforms for video blogging or blogging.

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a skill by using it you can promote & sell other people’s products and services and on each sale, you can earn commissions these can be physical products or digital products.

How You Can Sell Affiliate Products?

As I already mentioned above, you can do affiliate marketing through your blogs and videos, you can write a blog post and through it help people on a topic and at the end of it, you can suggest them a product and include your affiliate link of that product in your blog post if someone of your blog readers became interested in the product he or she can visit the product’s sales page and maybe buy the product.

similar to the case of video you can tell people about a product and people can buy it through your links.

And whenever someone will buy anything using your affiliate link you will earn some commission.

Top Affiliate Networks

The following are the top affiliate networks

Affiliate Networks For Physical Products

A list of Affiliate networks dealing with physical products is mentioned below.

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Share A Sale
  3. CJ Affiliates
  4. Awin Affiliates
  5. Rakuten Affiliates
  6. Flex Offers
  7. Ali Express

Top Affiliate Networks For Digital products

Below are the affiliate networks that allow you to sell products as well as food supplements.

  1. Click Bank
  2. Jvzoo
  3. Digi Store 24

Best Affiliate Websites In India

The following are the best affiliate networks for people of India to join and earn money by selling products to people of India

  1. Amazon
  2. Flip cart

Best Affiliate Networks For Making Money In Pakistan

You can use the following affiliate websites for making money online in Pakistan.

  1. Daraz

You can use these websites in Pakistan and India to make money online with affiliate marketing.


When you offer your skills and services to other companies and individuals, for a short period and for part-time or full-time, instead of becoming their regular employee. This is called freelancing, and people doing this are called freelancers.

A few years ago not a lot of people actually knew what is freelancing, but with the rise of the Hi-speed internet, this type of online work become very famous, and nowadays many people already know about it.

How To Earn Money From Freelancing In India & Pakistan

If you have a skill or service that you can offer to different companies and people online, you can go to any freelancing platform or website that you can easily find on the internet these days, go there and create a gig or work offer of your skill to present it to the website visitors who are searching for that particular skill or service, if they like your skill and work and as well as your rates that you are offering to do work for them, they will hire you and after they got their work done they will pay you.

you can promote your offers on social media also.

Best Freelancing Websites For Making Money In Pakistan And India

There are a lot of freelancing websites are available over the internet these days, here are some famous platforms below.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  4. Guru
  5. Flex Jobs
  6. Toptal
  7. Simply Hired

You can create your profiles and gigs on these websites and start your freelance work.

Othe Websites For Non-Skilled Persons

All the above-mentioned websites are for people who have some kind of skill like writing, typing, image editing, SEO, selling, and online marketing or some other skills, all these are required for freelancing, affiliate marketing, and blogging, but if you do not have any of above-mentioned skills, or just know only the basic of these you can do you work and make money online in Pakistan or India.

You can use the following websites and earn money online while remaining in Pakistan and India.

Easy Online Earning Websites In Pakistan & India

Below are my top websites from them I am still earning a handful of income, these websites pay in Bitcoin, You should have a bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wallet to receive your earnings into it.

Before I suggest any platform let me write an affiliate disclaimer here.

Affiliate Disclaimer

The links on this page are affiliate & referral links if you will join using these links I will earn some commission

You can join the following Cryptocurrencies wallet.

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It is a secure cryptocurrency wallet, you can receive bitcoin and other famous cryptocurrencies on it.

How To Receive Bitcoin From Payeer Wallet In Pakistan & India?

You can exchange your bitcoin into Payeer USD and then receive it using the following money changers in Pakistan & India.

Referral Link: (For Indian People)

Referral Link: https// (For Pakistani People)

So now we can go forward to the online earning websites.

Satoshi Hero

Satoshi Hero is a great platform for earning money online in easy way, I am referring to this website because I am earning from it a handsome amount each money. You do not need to do anything hard here it just needs your time and again not your too much time each day, you will have to play games install apps to check, and also do other offers just, and in return, you will earn money.

you will also get a 50% commission on your referrals earnings.

Satoshi Hero will pay you out when you're earning reach 30000 satoshis, and it will pay in bitcoin that you can deposit in your bitcoin wallet.

You can join it through my referral link:

Coin Pay U

This is another great website for online earning, I am earning from this site as well for the past few years. you can earn here by watching ads also you can do offers, and as well as you can earn 20% commission over the earning of people you refer to this website.

It will pay you a minimum of 10000 satoshis in bitcoin, you can also receive this amount in the form of other famous currencies like Ethereum Litecoin Dogecoin as well as you can receive your earnings directly into your Payeer wallet as Payeer USD

Referral Link:

Fire Faucet

It is an auto faucet system, where you earn points by doing each task and then later you can redeem your points into cryptocurrency and you can also earn 20% commission on your referrals earning when your earnings reach 3 USD you can withdraw it into any of available currencies wallet addresses.

Referral Link:

These are the few websites I am earning from them for a long time and I think other people from Pakistan also can earn money from these websites, Just you need to be motivated and be consistent. and remember with hard work and effort you can earn there is no other way.

Final Words

These days there are a lot of opportunities available on the internet for everyone to find a method of working of your choice, You can choose a method of working according to your skill & passion. But remember you can only get success when you do hard work, I think these are the best websites one can make money with them just by doing hard work and with consistency, so keep doing hard work and keep earning.



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